Our Policies


Refer a friend and if they sign up for the Unlimited plan, you get 1 free month after they pay for their second month. If they sign up for a 10 Class Pass, get a $50 credit on your following months tuition. Just let us know when your friend signs up, as we currently do not have a way to track this.


We are happy to put your account on hold at any time for any reason, when you won’t be using it for 7 days or longer. Holds cannot exceed a total of 60 days in a 12 month period. In order to cancel your membership or put your account on hold please e-mail the [email protected] with your request. Your request will be processed within 3 days. If you have a payment scheduled within the 3 day window, it will still be processed and you will be entitled to continued membership through the period this fee covers. Cancellation must be made in writing via e-mail.

Students who arrive 10 mins late or greater will be asked to reschedule. If you arrive at exactly 10 mins after class start time, you must already have both hands wrapped to participate in that class.

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